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Hi, I'm Phoebe Dray

Also known as the Cashflow Pocket Rocket, I am a business & finance success coach. I am a qualified award-winning accountant with over 20 years’ experience working with small business owners.

From the business and life lessons I have personally learnt over the many years I have been in business, I now work closely with my business clients to help them ACE their business, Boom their PROFIT, and maximize their CASH FLOW doing what they love with CONFIDENCE.

The 7 Levers Growth Calculator has been responsible for allowing business owners, just like you, to understand the positive impact that small improvements to 7 key areas of the business can have on their business growth.

Try it today to see your the business profitability growth you could have with just a small change to one of the levers.

To your business success

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Now you never have to run your business blind, once you become clear on your numbers with the 7 Levers Growth Calculator the light will be switched on and you will be able to see clearly how to reach your Profit goals.