With this Cashflow Optimisation Flowchart I saved $5000 per month in my accounting practice!

Basically a full time wage for one of my employees and it just took me 1 hour to set up!!

Hi, I'm Phoebe Dray

Also known as the Cashflow Pocket Rocket, I am a business & finance success coach. I am a qualified award-winning accountant with over 20 years’ experience working with small business owners.

From the business and life lessons I have personally learnt over the many years I have been in business, I now work closely with my business clients to help them ACE their business, Boom their PROFIT, and maximize their CASH FLOW doing what they love with CONFIDENCE.

The Profit Calculator has been responsible for allowing business owners to become crystal clear on their Profit goals, gain clarity on their Freedom Number and understand their income schedule to live the life of their dreams.

Without it, you will wonder why you never have any money in the bank, are not able to pay yourself a profit and lack focus on your goals for each month. With it, you can become clear on your Freedom Number, map out your product and income suite and plan your Profit for the next 12-months. To your business success

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Now you never have to run your business blind, once you become clear on your numbers with the Profit Calculator the light will be switched on and you will be able to see clearly how to reach your Profit goals.